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Flexible Sign Letters
Portable Signs
Sidewalk Signs
Thin, bendable plastic
sign letters for A-frame
boards, portable and
sandwich board signs.
These .030” flexible
letters are used with
portable sign tracking.
Select from 2 styles:
Bold and Condensed
Outdoor reader board:
4-legged, illuminated
portable sign with
flasher bar and arrow.
Plugs into a 110 outlet.
A starter set of flexible
8” sign letters in the
Condensed style and
all bulbs are included.
Portable, changeable
sign messaging. Ideal
for temporary messages,
weekly promotions
and passerby areas.
Uses Gemini Pronto
flat, rigid sign letters,
custom inserts or dry
erase white board.
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BOLD Style
Flexible Sign Letters

Flexible Sign Letters

Portable Signs

Sidewalk Signs

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Flexible sign letters are thin, bendable clear plastic panels with silk screened inks for use on outdoor portable signs. Flexible letters are made to easily bend and insert into the sign tracks by hand. Portable signs and A-frame boards use a specific type of track that only allows for this thin gauge letter. Portable sign letters are NOT interchangeable with flat rigid Wagner Zip Change or Gemini Pronto letters! Letter Perfect offers several sizes in Bold and Condensed styles of these changeable copy letters for your portable sign or sandwich board.

Wagner Zip Change gas pricing numbers are flat, rigid letters for outdoor marquee sign. Zip Change gas numerals use screen printed inks on clear thick plastic panels and are clear coated to help protect the ink from peeling and fading. Letter Perfect offers 3 styles and many sizes of these changeable copy numbers for your gas station readerboard.

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