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PLASTIC or ALUMINUM for Snap Lok Letters

Clear, heavy duty extruded plastic bar or anodized aluminum bar for use with Gemini Snap Lok letters. The letter’s upper metal hooks fit over the top rail and the letter’s lower clips snap onto bottom rail.

Aluminum “bar clips” are included for attaching aluminum tracks to sign face (9 bar clips per 8 ft section). Extra bar clips and aluminum rivets are also available. Plastic tracks do not use mounting clips and should be cemented or fastened to sign face by alternative methods.

Each row of text requires 2 tracks which serve as the top and bottom “rails”. The tracks are spaced according to your letter size:

4” letters require 2-7/8” bar spacing
4½” letters require 3-7/8” bar spacing
5” letters require 4-3/8” bar spacing
6” letters require 4-7/8” bar spacing
8” - 31” letters require 7” bar spacing

1 Profile: H-Track (Clear Plastic or Aluminum)

This item ships as an "over-sized" pkg due to its dimensions.

Minimum Orders may apply to some sizes and styles of sign tracking.

8 ft Plastic$ 8.80
8 ft Aluminum$ 22.90
Bar Clips$ 0.75
Bar Clip Rivets$ 0.75


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