Our Brands: Wagner Gemini

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Gemini Pronto and
Wagner Zip Change
marquee sign letters
will stay organized,
clean, easier to find.
Plastic cabinet is
made by Gemini.
Store and organize
flat marquee sign
letters. Wagner Zip
Change and Gemini
Pronto sign letters
will stay clean and
easy to find!
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about a product?
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Sign letter storage cabinets help keep flat rigid letters clean and organized. These cabinets store Wagner Zip Change, Gemini Pronto, Wagner Zip Lite and Gemini Moonglo marquee sign letters used on outdoor readerboards. Letter storage cabinets are available in plastic or press wood and have alphabetized slots for each letter, keeping them easily organized.

Letter Perfect offers a variety of changeable copy logos and price points for outdoor reader boards and marquee signs using Wagner Zip Change or Gemini Pronto flat rigid letters. We also carry tabbies for felt letterboards with ¼” grooves.

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