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Wagner brand sign letters

Wagner makes plastic, changeable copy sign letters for use on marquee signs and readerboards. Outdoor reader boards are usually pole mounted and stand at least 6 feet above ground. Signs using changeable letters often require extension poles to help the business owner change letters from the ground, without having to use a ladder. Wagner makes a variety of shapes, styles and sizes of plastic sign letters, including Zip Change, Dimensional Slotted and Zip Lite brands.

Zip Change are flat, rigid sign letters that slide in and behind tracks or rails and are commonly seen at fast food chains, schools, theaters and small roadside businesses. Zip letters are screen printed onto clear acrylic panels and then clear-coated, adding a layer of protection from fading and scratching. To change any flat letter from the ground, we offer extension poles with suction cups in several brands.

Dimensional Slotted letters are formed, 3-D plastic letters commonly seen on historic theater marquee signs. They are sturdy and more readable because of their deep return, wide stroke and matte finish. These letters can also be changed from the ground using a Wagner Mechanical Hand.

Zip Lite reverse style letters are clear on black panels that offer an opaque sign face while eliminating light leaks with a patented lap strip design. Your sign face will show through the clear letter, resulting in a black sign with white lettering. These flat letters can be changed from the ground using a Zip Changer pole with cup.


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