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Wagner® Dimensional
Gemini Slotted B
Gemini Slotted A
Gemini Snap Lok™
Dimensional Slotted
marquee letters for
reader board signs,
Made by Wagner.

This plastic letter is
commonly used on
old theater marquees.
Has a tapered slot,
flat face, matte finish.
Colors: Black, Red
Marquee sign letters
for Dimensional
Slotted readerboards.
Made by Gemini.

Tapered “slot” design,
flat face, matte finish.
Interchangeable with
Wagner Dimensional
brand letters used on
outdoor theater signs.
Choose Black or Red.
Dimensional Slotted
marquee letters by
Gemini for signs with
changeable copy.
These custom sign
letters are common
on historic theater
marquees. They have
a grooved face with
tapered slots in back.
Available in many
colors and sizes.
Dimensional letters
for outdoor signs and
theater marquees.
Made by Gemini.

Formed plastic letters
have metal hooks and
spring clips on back,
snap onto sign track.

Not used with Slotted
letter changer poles.
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Black Wagner® Dimensional

Red Wagner® Dimensional

Black Gemini Slotted B

Red Gemini Slotted B

Gemini Slotted A

Gemini Snap Lok™


Dimensional Slotted and Snap Lok sign letters are formed plastic changeable copy for outdoor reader boards and marquee signs. We carry Wagner Dimensional and Gemini Slotted brands as well as Snap Lok letters, also made by Gemini. These letters offer a 3-D look to your readerboard and are commonly used on theater marquee signs. To change sign letters from the ground, check out the slotted change arms made by Wagner or Gemini.

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